The Best Laid Plans

The Best Laid Plans: Milton Keynes since 1967

This book presents the debates held during a witbess seminar and conference on the origins and subsequent development of Milton Keynes held in 1995.

Luton University Press

pbk ix, 141 pp

ISBN 1 86020 556 9



Section 1: Witness seminar and discussion

  • Suzanne Beauchamp Appendix: Social development

Section 2: Critical perspectives

  • Suzanne Beauchamp de Monchaux The Best Laid Plans …
  • Peter Waterman Social Development in Action
  • Mervyn Dobbin Milton Keynes: The Management of New Town Growth - A Feminist Perspective
  • Mark Clapson Community and Association in Milton Keynes
  • Allan Cochrane and Julie Charlesworth American Dreams and English Utopias
  • Tim Mars A View from Exile
  • Concluding Discussion
  • Select Bibliography
  • Archives
  • Index

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