Milton Keynes: Image and Reality

Milton Keynes: Image and Reality

An in-depth insight into the planning and implementation of the new city of Milton Keynes, with quotes from the planners involved.

Granta Press.

hbk x, 301 pp, illus.

ISBN 0 906782 72 4



  • Preface
  • Birth of a city
  • Antecedents
  • Where will the people live
  • The Chairman, the Board and the consultants
  • Goals
  • Master Plan
  • Decision
  • University and airport
  • Troubles at Westminster
  • 'Good design'
  • Image
  • Houses for rent
  • Central Milton Keynes
  • 'Shopping as it should be'
  • Waiting for the bus
  • A grand suburban design
  • Threatened by inner cities
  • Thatcher-effect
  • A regional office centre
  • Boom years
  • 'Home Sweet Home'
  • Jobs
  • Reality
  • The next thousand years
  • Appendix 1. Milton Keynes at 31 March 1991
  • Appendix 2. Milton Keynes Development Corporation - the Board
  • Appendix 3. Milton Keynes Development Corporation Executive
  • Appendix 4. Sources
  • Appendix 5. Acknowledgements and credits

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