Architectural Design 6, 1973

Architectural Design 6, 1973

Architectural Design 6, 1973. Special issue: Milton Keynes

This special issue was compiled and edited by the team at Milton Keynes Development Corporation. It includes interviews with key people, a look at plans and photographs of early estates, and discusses design limitations.



  • History of Milton Keynes City
  • Lord Campbell of Eskan and F Lloyd Roche interviewed
  • Derek Walker interviewed Christopher Woodward
  • The city as a rug Stephen Gardiner
  • Infrastructure: unifying features within the city
  • Linear parks
  • Archaeology and conservation
  • The planning of the villages
  • Central area housing
  • Central Milton Keynes
  • Commerce and utilities
  • Central area housing
  • Activity centres
  • The financing of Milton Keynes

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